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Today is Friday, April 18, 2014

Putting the Brakes on buying a new Toyota?

Putting the Brakes on buying a new Toyota?

Another big question of the day is: how does Toyota plan to recover from its sticky accelerator dilemma? Many people are wondering just how much of an impact this recall will have on auto sales. Sure, some people will switch to a Ford or GM automobile, but how many folks will say flat-out, “I’m never driving a Toyota again!” Chances are these are the same people who said they’d never shop at Walmart again — except that the milk is cheaper there… and the toaster... Continued...

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Tiger of The Woods

Tiger of The Woods TIGER, Tiger, swingers’ might, On the greens he does delight. Of the flesh, he chose confessing, May thou redeem a Masters’ blessing? Through what rough he sought his prize, Caught a twinkle of thine eyes? Part the forests of their hair, What leapt abound with time to spare? Upon what shoulder bares thy sin, In whose hands thy heart beats in? Scorn of gaze makes he perspire, Burns the hand that dares conspire. Cast the spotlight. Sound the fury, Quell temptation in... [Continue reading]

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Cinema Pick

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

With Night at the Museum having an all-day Christmas Eve marathon on FX, we would have thought the sequel would be just as exciting. Though, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian seemed to be... 

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The Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph Its always a good idea to diversify your daily news, and few do it better than the Telegraph for adding international perspectives to your day. The Daily Telegraph is a daily... 

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A Proper Recession

At the end of World War II, Britain, for all intents and purposes was broke. Their infrastructure was badly damaged from German air raids, along with much of their industrial resources depleted in result of the war effort. In simplified terms, the post-war consensus put into effect the theorized foundations of William Beveridge for establishing a more comprehensive welfare state within the United Kingdom. The post-war consensus would be pioneered by Clement Attlee who, with the aid of his Labour... [Read more of this essay]

America’s Tax Burden

If you have ever had to file a tax return, it does not take long for you to become inundated with paperwork and calculations. Even though Americans have an additional three and one-half months to spend on preparation for the previous tax year—no one looks forward to this arduous task with studious anticipation. A 2005 survey performed by The Tax Foundation showed that it takes the average American twenty-seven hours to prepare their tax return. Not to mention the stress over whether or not... [Read more of this essay]

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